Tim Murray

Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Economics and Business
Virginia Military Institute


Tim Murray and Richard A. Dunn. 2022. Household Production, Home Improvement, and Housing Investment among Older Americans, Journal of Housing Economics. 56. WP version

Barry R. Cobb, Tim Murray, and Jeffrey S. Smith. 2022. Adjustable Consumption Model for Retirees to Balance Spending and Risk, Journal of Economics and Finance. 46: 420–451.

Tim Murray. 2021. Stay-at-Home Orders, Mobility Patterns, and Spread of COVID-19. American Journal of Public Health. 11(6): 1149-1156. ungated version  supplemental tables and figures

Joshua Ping Ang and Tim Murray. 2021. Education in Mathematics and the Spread of COVID-19. Eastern Economic Journal. 47, 571-589. WP version

Working Papers

Pensions and Homeownership after the Great Recession, November 9, 2022

Design of Core Curriculum in Liberal Arts Education (with Matthew Naven and Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl), September 28, 2022

Housing Equity Extraction from Older Adults via Reduction in Home Improvement (with Richard A. Dunn), August 18, 2022

Do Potential Future Health Shocks keep Older Americans from Using Their Housing Equity?, November 1, 2020

Ongoing Research Projects

The Non-Pecuniary Benefits of Homeownership (with Fei Zou)

Confederate Iconography and Property Values (with Steven Landgraf)

Land value, Social Capital, and Homeownership for Retirees

Economic Impact of Professional Sports on a Local Economy (with Chance Newman*)

* Student Co-Author

Technical Reports

Admissions, Enrollment, and Retention at Virginia Military Institute (with Tinni Sen), in progress

Media Appearances

Radio Interview on the NPR program With Good Reason: “Downsizing and Debt” January 17, 2020