Tim Murray

Assistant Professor of Economics
Department of Economics and Business
Virginia Military Institute

I have found the following links to be helpful resources for teaching and research


TikZ Cookbook – Diagrams in Economics by Chiu Yu Ko
Latex TikZ templates for drawing graphs and models commonly used in economics

Generate Tables for LaTex 
Easily create code for tables in LaTex. The File tab allows you to paste table data from Excel or import data from a .csv file to LaTex code

Applied Econometrics

Causal Inference: The Mixtape by Scott Cunningham
A great book explaining current causal econometric techniques that contains replication data and code for Stata, R, and Python.

How the (Econometric) Sausage is Made by Daniel Millimet
A blog using real world examples to discuss important applied econometric issues and techniques. 

Metrics Monday by Marc F. Bellemare
A blog on applied econometric issues with helpful Stata examples


The Ten Most Important Rules of Writing your Job Market Paper by Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz

Writing Tips for PhD Students by John H. Cochrane

How to Give and Applied Micro Talk by Jesse M. Shapiro

Preparing a Referee Report: Guidelines and Perspectives by Jonathan B Berk, Campbell R. Harvey, and David Hirshleifer

Economics Job Market

Understanding the Job Market 
Great resource by the American Economic Association for Economics Job Market Candidates. Be sure to check out John Crawley’s Guide to the Job Market Process on the page.